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Audiolab_Hearing_Care_Hearing_Aids - Insio C&G AX
Insio Charge&Go AX

The first personalised in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aid with wireless charging. The Augmented Xperience (AX) platform, which now comprises both ITE and Reciever-In-Canal (RIC) devices, was expanded by Signia with the introduction of Insio Charge&Go AX. The compact design of the Insio C&G AX provides all-day wearing comfort, and the industry-leading Augmented Xperience audiology platform provides exceptional voice clarity even in noisy environments.

Audiolab_Hearing_Care_Hearing_Aids - Styletto AX
Styletto AX

The Styletto AX rechargeable hearing aids are both aesthetically pleasing and useful. Its award-winning SLIM-RIC design for a discrete fit gives users the necessary speech clarity in addition to the desired hearing aid capabilities.

Audiolab_Hearing_Care_Hearing_Aids - Active-Pro.jpg
Active Pro

These hearing aids will easily pass as earbuds. But the Signia Active Pro can do a lot more. Not only can they stream audio, they'll also support your hearing with AI-powered high-end sound processing. And if you're suffering from tinnitus, ask your care provider for one of the tinnitus hearing programs.

Audiolab_Hearing_Care_Hearing_Aids - Active-X
Active X

A new hearing aid concept, Signia Active X, provides a unique opportunity to experience the improved sound quality of advanced hearing aids without wearing traditional looking hearing aids.

Audiolab_Hearing_Care_Hearing_Aids - Pure-CROS-C&G AX
Pure CROS Charge&Go AX

Immersive sound in a small rechargeable RIC. It is ideal for experienced and first-time wearers who are looking for a sleek aesthetic rechargeable hearing solution that is fully featured, including Android and iPhone connectivity and the Signia Assistant. CROS Pure Charge&Go AX is available in all performance levels.

Audiolab_Hearing_Care_Hearing_Aids - Pure-Charge-Go-AX-Silver
Pure Charge&Go AX

The Signia Pure Charge&Go AX hearing aids are the first in the world to feature two processors that process speech and environmental sounds at the same time. They intelligently adapt audio processing to your environment, providing a more natural sound, thanks to Signia's new Augmented Xperience (AX) platform. On the plus side, Signia offers a variety of well-designed charging cases. Finally, the Signia Pure C&G AX supports Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) for direct audio streaming to Android and iOS devices.

Signia Silk X
Silk X

The Silk X is the latest instant-fit completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing aid from Signia. The new Silk X is the ideal aid for those who value discretion above all. The only ready-to-wear CIC available on the successful Signia Xperience platform delivers clear speech understanding in an ultra-discreet size.

Signia Motion Charge&Go X
Motion Charge&Go X

The superpower joins two other all-new Motion hearing aids – Motion Charge&Go P X and Motion Charge&Go X – to complete Signia's latest lineup of Motion Charge&Go behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing solutions that address all levels of hearing loss. The Signia Motion Charge&Go SP X model is described as the ‘first-ever rechargeable super power hearing aid’ that boasts a 61-hour battery life per charge.

Pure 312 X
Pure 312 X

Features a more discreet design than previous Signia Pure models. Powered by long-lasting size-312 batteries, it features Bluetooth connectivity for streaming of phone calls, music, and TV audio, and an optional T-coil.

Pure Charge&Go X
Pure Charge&Go X

Rechargeable receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) hearing aid with Bluetooth connectivity. Improved lithium-ion rechargeable batteries are 16% smaller and provide 20% more charging capacity than the previous Signia Pure Charge&Go Nx. The devices also feature a new rocker switch for easier adjustments and comes with a new inductive charger that also works as a dehumidifier.

Styletto X
Styletto X

Slim receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aid that Signia promotes as hearwear™.  The hearing aids have a uniquely long and thin appearance that is made possible by a custom-engineered lithium-ion battery. Typical "button cell" disposable batteries would not allow such dimensions, so the design truly is innovative. It's also the first hearing aid to come with Qi wireless charging technology.

Signia Motion 13 Nx
Motion 13 Nx

Motion 13 Nx sits snugly and discreetly behind your ear. Its ergonomic shape with improvised smaller size makes it extra comfortable to wear for the wearer from moderate to severely profound hearing loss.