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“Our true successes are the millions of people who have had their quality of life improved by what we do, and the way we do it.”

Mr Mohd Nor -  Founder of AudioLab, an electrical engineering graduate

Meet The Founder

Founded by Mr. Mohd Nor and Dr. Esa, who was determined to help people lead a better life. He saw how a hearing loss affects all levels of life and understood that by helping them, he was not only giving back people hearing, he was giving them back confidence in life.

Presently, with 25 years being at the forefront of clinical audiology, the treatment pathways at AudioLab are unique and with a team of experts providing relief and other services related to healthcare for the most challenging of hearing losses. 

Today, Mr. Mohd Nor has a long history of making life-changing differences through hearing health and it is still the passion for helping people hear better, which sets the course for the company.

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Meet The Team

With a dedicated team of 28 licensed and professional audiologists around Malaysia, we are the nation’s largest provider of hearing services for children and adults. Annually trained, our team work with you to deliver on our promise to offer world-leading hearing solutions anyone can access to make a difference to you, your family as well as the communities they serve.